What is Salesly.app?

Salesly.app is the all in 1 for the management of small businesses and also freelance. Thanks to Salesly.app you can improve the management of your business as long as you have in the same site and in an easy way all the sales and purchases, projects, general management and documents. 

How it works?

You can structure your company however you want. We give you everything opened. You have three user profiles: the administrator, the manager and the commercial. Each of them controls and has access to different modules of the platform.

For more information: https://www.salesly.app/en/prices

Can I change my user profile?

Yes. In order to change your user profile you only have to apply for it. Having into account your billing cycle, you will pay the proportional part for the days left until the next invoice. 

For example: 

-   Your billing cycle ends the last day of the month and you have a commercial license of 15 € / month.

-   You change to a manager license of 19 € / month on the 15th.

-   In the following invoice you would pay half of the commercial license and half of a manager one; that is to say, 7,5 € + 9,5 € = 17 €.

How can I unsubscribe one or more licences?

In the configuration / licences section you can increase or decrease according to your needs.

How much does Salesly.app cost?

These are the prices:

ADMIN 25€/month per user

MANAGER 19€/month per user

COMMERCIAL 15€/month per user

For more information: https://www.salesly.app/es/prices

Is there any discount?

You have a 20% discount in all the licences for annual pricing.

How do I pay for Salesly.app?

Salesly.app has a recurring payment system. By adding the card, the cost will be directly collected annually / monthly according to the type of fee previously chosen.

Is there a fixed-term contract? 

No, there isn't. You can create new users and you can unsubscribe / delete them whenever you want. You have to take into account that whenever you unsubscribe a user we keep the information for 30 days. Then we delete all the information, this is how we ensure your privacy integrity.

Can I import information from another app?

Yes. Within Salesly.app there is an assistant to import customers, contacts and products. Such assistant allows you to import the information from an Excel file. 

Remember that our support department can help you to do it, you can contact us via email at salesteam@salesly.app

Can extra fields be added into different options?

Yes, from the 'Configuration' section you can create extra fields for opportunities, orders and companies according to the enterprise' needs.

However, in the products section you can't configure extra fields, but you can add comments per line in each order; and you can also add new taxes.

Who can edit the products?

The products can be edited by the administrators. However, as an administrator, you can assign other users so they can also do it.

Can a commercial edit the prices when he/she creates an Order / Opportunity?

Yes, it is a configurable option; thus, it is at administrator’s discretion.

Why can’t I see the cost in the reports?

In order to see the cost in the reports you must be a superadministrator.