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The commercial tool that will help you with all the commercial action, location of opportunities, management and will allow you to increase your sales to boost your business. Discover it!
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It improves the commercial management thanks to a greater transparency of the sales team. Knowing and understanding how your teams works is crucial to identify best practices and improve its efficiency. Visibility is a key aspect to have a competitive advantage and to adapt the strategy to maximise the sales.

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Salesly.app has 3 user profiles: the administrator, the commercial and the manager. Each of them controls and has access to different modules of the platform. For example, the administrator has full access and the manager has more permissions than the manager but less than the administrator. The following graphic shows the profiles and their accesses

A / 40

ADMIN / Main administrator with unlimited access to all the modules and possible actions.

M / 35

MANAGER / Manager of the actions, tracking of the contents and edition and creation of campaigns.

C / 25

COMMERCIAL / Commercial with access to all the products, campaigns and resources from Salesly.